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Xenical online ireland 's only chance of stopping the next tsunami. The new strategy – codenamed Operation Trident and launched from the Royal Naval Air Station in Faslane, the north of Scotland, and based in the Faslane base itself – is a combination of new technology and tactics, which will ensure that a nuclear strike by Trident will be executed without any casualties, despite potential fallout from the US-UK missile system at its base in Northrup, Utah, which is located about 100 miles Orlistat buy online uk from Islington. "This is the highest risk mission in history of the Royal Navy," a Trident source told the Guardian. "The risk is that no one knows if it is happening or not. will take us back to the era of Sullivans and first use nuclear weapons. But there is no time to waste." The Trident team is responsible for maintaining and operating the nation's nuclear deterrent. It is a key priority for the UK government, as government's own assessment shows that it is only able to meet its current defence needs through a combination pharmacy online in ireland of the Trident system alongside aircraft carriers, submarines and land-based nuclear forces. The new strategic thinking, first reported by the Guardian, appears to contradict Whitehall policy on nuclear issues: the government is intent on retaining the current UK nuclear system, while also seeking a nuclear deterrent in the future. It believes an independent nuclear deterrent is only a matter of time. It is believed no decision has been taken to actually decommission the existing nuclear weapons and warheads now under use. "We don't have to destroy them," is one view. "There always the possibility we could buy them back," the source added. Other military analysts suggested that a decision to decommission the UK's nuclear forces could cause an enormous political and military headache for David Cameron, given the implications for UK's Nato status. "This has the potential to create a serious diplomatic headache for Cameron," said a defence source. "There are no easy decisions. But if we are to avoid a potential war, Trident needs to be preserved." The source said new strategy was essential to protect the country, but insisted it was not a decision to start nuclear war, or the of a nuclear war. It is believed the military was planning to use a nuclear strike as last resort if Britain is attacked outside its borders, but the Trident team had recently received more and intelligence as to the possibility of a terrorist attack that would trigger global Armageddon. The idea that Britain could be in a state of nuclear war within several hours of a terrorist attack is still hypothetical. "We don't have the capacity to make these decisions at the moment," source said. "We need to have a plan B." With a limited time between possible terrorist attack on Islington and the next UK missile launch, British Navy is preparing for a possible nuclear strike, and preparing contingency plans, the latest of which has been approved by the chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Sir David King. Under military planning known as Operation Trident, the would be launched at a moment of high anxiety in Islington. Trident officials are said to have spent much of the past year working on how to minimise casualties, in the event of a terrorist attack on large scale. That involves a combination of using the force, not just on an isolated target or targets, but the force as a whole. But the plan, which is xenical online being overseen by the Ministry of Defence, order xenical online uk assumes that every one of xenical online uk Britain's Trident missiles is now on standby for launch, and that the government would have sufficient resources to evacuate Islington and every other population centre in London. The Royal Navy plans to launch its fleet of four nuclear-armed submarines – which can carry 100 nuclear warheads – into the North Sea in order to launch three Trident missiles from their Vanguard-class vessels.

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