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Here are some new dates for our upcoming  AMITY YOGA Saturday’s in Rainhill. 10 September, 15 October & 19 November  10 AM TILL 2 PM “Thank you Wendy, for an absolutely wonderful day of yoga. Exactly what my body & mind was screaming out for today” Sue McB – Amity Yoga – HATHA YOGA – ASANA,…

Feel more at peace ……



Namaste from Amity Yoga in Rainhill. We welcomed new students to our two Amity Yoga days in January.  ” Loved my first yoga day” Jess.  Amity Yoga days are fun, relaxing yoga days, with a welcoming warm lunch.  Here are some more feedback comments: “PEACEFUL & RELAXED, READY TO FACE THE WORLD” “FEEL MORE AT…

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Amity Yoga in Rainhill is now listed on Netmums Merseyside. Check out the link http://www.netmums.com/merseyside/local/view/classes-for-you/pilates-and-yoga/amity-yoga-mind-body-spirit

Successful August Amity Yoga Day in Rainhill

Amity Yoga Saturday – 8 August 2015 On Saturday 8 August Amity Yoga had another successful yoga day in Rainhill, Merseyside. It’s lovely to see yogini’s arriving with a mixture of excitement and relief that they have arrived for their special yoga saturday day retreat. A treat for themselves from 10 am until 2pm.  Each…

Quieten your mind ……

Quieten your mind. Quieten your heart. Let peace enfold you. Pam Brown B.1928  http://amityyoga.co.uk/yoga-classes-rainhill-yoga-workshops-merseyside-yoga-days-liverpool/ http://amityyoga.co.uk/yoga-workshops-merseyside-liverpool/

Yoga is …….

Yoga is …….Union of mind & body Yoga is…….Union of prana and mind Yoga is ……Union of prana and mind with the Self (Higher Self, Soul) http://amityyoga.co.uk/yoga-workshops-merseyside-liverpool/

Body, Mind & Spirit – They are One

The body, mind and spirit are not three. They are one.  We recognise the existence of the body and we are aware of the mind. Understand that the spirit is not different to the body. They are one.